One Fallen Hiker and Friend Found After Midnight on South Sister

20-year-old Ryan Kelly while hiking South Sister with his two friends fell down a 200 foot drop of ice and boulders. This prompted his friend Nicholas … Continue reading →

Tararua SAR Radios Used by Polish Ambassador Stolen

On Monday, September 3, between 8:34 and 9:30, a robbery took place in Dannevirke where, most notably, several hand held radios were taken. The radios … Continue reading →

Ridge Meadows SAR Rescue Teen Hiker on Golden Ears Trial

Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue resuced an injured hiker on the Golden Ears trail of Provincial Park in the early morning hours on Monday. The … Continue reading →

Texas Task Force 1 Nearly Gets to Help Hurricane Issac Aftermath

When hurricane Issac threatened New Orleans, Texas Task Force 1, a team of specially trained citizens headed out to put their skills to work. The team … Continue reading →

Slidell Police and Nat’l Guard Rescue 150 Palm Lake Residents

The Slidell Police Department and the Louisiana National Guard rescued about 150 residents of Palm Lake after Hurricane Isaac. The search and rescue … Continue reading →

Manila’s Defense Dept.Goes Shopping for Improved SAR Equipment

Manila's Defense Department is going on a shopping expedition in efforts to improve its rescue ability following a plane crash off Masbate. Casualties … Continue reading →

Sereno Group Real Estate Offers 1% of Earnings to Santa CruzSAR

A Santa Cruz company, Sereno Group Real Estate, has just offered a generous donation – 1% of its earnings, to fund the local search and rescue … Continue reading →

Distress Cries from Six Pets in House Blaze Send Firefighters to the Rescue

A house fire in Rochester left one fireman wounded as firefighters rescued sixl cats and dogs from the burning flames. All six pets made it to safety, … Continue reading →

Search Teams Still Hopeful to Find Lost Man and 6-Year-Old

A man and his six-year-old nephew have gone missing after they went hiking at Multnomah Falls on Thursday. Family members contacted the police. Police … Continue reading →

Three Men Swept Out to Sea, Only One Body Washes Up

The New Zealand navy joined the search for a 2 mission people, who were swept out to sea on August 8th. The body of the third student washed ashore on … Continue reading →

Old Man Sea Too Much for 4-Year-Old Boy and Heroic Efforts of SAR

A four year old boy, Dylan Cecil was on holiday at Burnham-on-sea, Somerset when he accidental fell into the muddy water. His mother said that a … Continue reading →

Ocean Plane Crash, Passengers Missing, Rescue Pending

Philippine Government Secretary Jesse Robredo and his fellow passengers went missing after a plane crash in the ocean. A Philippine Special Forces … Continue reading →

Calaveras County Search and Rescue Saves Injured Firefighter

A firefighter who was injured battling the Ramsey Fire has been safely rescued. Calaveras County Search and Rescue worked with Ebbets Pass Fire to … Continue reading →

Ironic Stories Involving Neglectful Hikers

Search and Rescue is not a laughing matter but some of the reasons for neglectful hikers to call for help may cause you to smile. Every hiker should … Continue reading →

Fallen Firefighter Unreachable by Helicopter Rescued by On-Foot S&R Team

A firefighter involved in fighting a wildfire needed to be rescued at the bottom of a canyon by the Calaveras County Search and Rescue Team. Without a … Continue reading →

More and More Under-prepared Hikers Causing Trouble

Burke Mountain search and rescue teams are noticing more and more rescues are the fault of under-prepared hikers. Two men were rescued at 3 AM Sunday … Continue reading →

Grant Helps Half of David Thompson Search & Rescue Swift Water Team

David Thompson Search & Rescue Swift Water Team managed to get a $2, 432 grant from Flathead Electric Roundup for Safety that allowed the purchase … Continue reading →

PDRRMC pre-positions search and resuce teams to await the coming storm Helen

Residents of Isabela will soon be affected by tropical storm Helen. The Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council or PDRRMC has sent … Continue reading →

Lost Hikers Rescued on Burke Mountain Were Unprepared

This Sunday two men hiking on Burke Mountain without any gear were rescued. The men, who couldn’t find a way back after dark, were among an … Continue reading →

Police Helicopter Rescues Unprepared Hikers

Two hikers stuck on Burke Mountain were rescued this weekend. The two men, who were looking for the Coquitlam Lake, had no gear with them when they … Continue reading →

Fish and Game lieutenant Suspended for Failure to Help Search for Lost Hiker

This summer a Fish and Game lieutenant was suspended from work for 5 days for not helping in a search for a lost hiker. Douglas Gralenski stated that … Continue reading →

Search for Missouri River Jumper Suspended

The search for a man who jumped from a railroad bridge into the Missouri River was suspended until Sunday. Gregory M. Fredericksen jumped late … Continue reading →

Golfing Fun at Santa Clara Valley SAR Fundraiser

Many people have relied on the Santa Clarita Valley Search and Rescue team in the past during crises. And now the team is depending on them. The … Continue reading →

Pima County Approves 3-year Contract with SAR

Since 1958, Pima County has relied on the Southern Arizona Rescue Association for search-and-rescue. The group, made up of nearly 300 volunteers, … Continue reading →

National Night Out: a Growing Tradition

An estimated 37 million people in all 50 states, as well as Canada, American territories and military bases, participated in last year’s … Continue reading →

Agilite Gear’s Rescue Harnesses Turning Top Military Heads

The Pentagon and NATO have had talks on ways to improve rescuing injured soliders. Traditionally, UAV's fly victims to safety. Agilite Gear has turned … Continue reading →

Teen boys being rescued from cliff in Little Cottonwood

Rescue crews found two teenagers, Kysa Godwan and Stephen Barrett, stranded on a ridge near Little Cottonwood Canyon. Godwan and Barrett had left for … Continue reading →

Mohave County Search and Rescue Serve Their Communities Well

The Mohave County Search and Rescue team was established in 1974. Its volunteers really care about their fellow man. They spend hours training and … Continue reading →

Two Rafters Rescued After Alerting Authorities with a Spot-Tracker

The 210th Rescue Squadron made a rescue on the east fork of the Chulitna River. The rescue occurred August 6, 2012 after two Talkeetna residents ran … Continue reading →

Oxfordshire Lowland Receives Funding for Search and Rescue Gear

Oxfordshire Lowland Search and Rescue has received 9,980 pounds from the Big Lottery Fund in July. The money will be used to buy twelve flood access … Continue reading →

Review of Smith and Wesson Survival Knife

In a review of the Smith and Wesson Search and Rescue Knife, Maine Prepper discusses a high quality knife, the sheath, and the reasonable price. For … Continue reading →

Campbell River Heli-rescue Team Busy in Soggy Weather

Between July 25th and July 31st a lot of heli-rescues were performed aong Campbell River by CRSAR. The weather often made the rescues more challenging … Continue reading →

Search and Rescue Members to Join Royal Australian Air Force in Training Exercise

The Royal Australian Air Force teams up with marine squadrons and groups to conduct a training exercise known as the Exercise Southern Frontier. This … Continue reading →

Deputy Sprints Up 300 Ft of Rock Just as Victim Begins to Fall

A retiree survived a two day desperate brush with death, holding for dear life at the edge of a rock face. The last day, he was beginning to … Continue reading →

Dramatic Rescue by Deputy Saves the Life of 64-year-old Rock Climber

A Fresno deputy rushed to the rescue of a hiker holding onto dear life for two days on the ledge of a smooth rock face. Hailed as a hero, the deputy … Continue reading →

Rescue Equipment Stolen in Gardai

A break-in at Gardai resulted in the theft of thousands of dollars worth of search and rescue equipment. Police and investigators are working closely … Continue reading →

Coast Guard Rescues 7 Boaters; A Pump Rescues the Boat

The US Coast Guard rescued seven boaters on Tuesday, July 31. Their vessel became caught in a shrimper’s gear about 30 miles away from the … Continue reading →

Former Navy Vet Raises Money for K9 Search and Rescue

Former US Navy and disabled vet makes a career move to the medical search and rescue field. Currently an EMT and CAN working toward becoming a nurse, … Continue reading →

Two Capsized Canoe-ers Saved by Search and Rescue Team

Two men canoeing on the Brazeau River are lucky to be alive after a freak accident capsized their canoe nearly causing them to nearly drown. They was … Continue reading →

El Dorado County Sees Increase in 911 Calls

An increase in the number of people heading out for a hike unprepared has caused an increase in the number of search and rescue calls received by the … Continue reading →

NH Woman Dies Falling Off Precipice Trail

22-year-old Shirley Ladd from New Hampshire died after suffering a major fall off of a hiking trail. The trail, known as Precipice is said to be … Continue reading →

Filmmaker Warren Sill Lost at Seven Sisters Provincial Park

At Seven Sisters Provincial Park, 26 year old Warren Sill, a filmmaker originally from Cleveland, Ohio, parked his vehicle on July 5 and was not seen … Continue reading →

RI Urban Search and Rescue Provide Training for Over 200 Disaster Scenarios

Rhode Island Urban Search and Rescue will now have the ability to train for over 200 disaster situations. Thanks to the Guardian Mobile Safety and … Continue reading →

Search and Rescue Team Saves Mountain Climber

A local mountain climber, Linh Pham, was rescued from an extinct volcano known as “North Sister” – located in Portland, Oregon. He … Continue reading →

Rock Climber Survives 200 ft. Fall Thanks to Blackhawk Helipcopter and Medevak Crew

A National Guard Blackhawk helicopter and medevak crew rescued a rock climber after he fell about 200 ft. The wife of the climber's companion made the … Continue reading →

22-year-old Woman Dies in Beach Landslide in Britain

22-year-old Charlotte Blackman died in a landslide on a beach in Dorset. Search and rescue teams attempted the rescue using dogs, heavy digging … Continue reading →

B.C. Landslide Kills Family, Search for Daughter’s Body Continues

The B.C. Coroners Service has announced renewed plans to continue searching for the body of a 17-year old girl after a massive landslide claimed the … Continue reading →

Lewis and Clark Search and Rescue Operations Deparately Need Better Funding

The Lewis and Clark Search and Rescue operation is asking voters to approve a very important levy this fall. They need more funding in order to update … Continue reading →

Rescue groups and National Guard practice rescue drills

Recently this month, rescue groups and the National Guard gathered together to practice rescue drills. They also tested the new Glimpse technology to … Continue reading →

Giddyup Kitty to Perform for Larimer County Search and Rescue Benefit

A benefit concert for Larimer County Search and Rescue will take place in Estes Park, Colorado. An all girl bluegrass band called Giddyup Kitty will … Continue reading →

Times-News Editorial: Twin Falls, Idaho Waver Decision Is Political

We found a thought filled editorial about the Twin Falls City Council's decision to deny commissioners from the county a wavier to build a storage … Continue reading →

Canadian crews search for landslide victims in British Columbia

A landslide in British Columbia, Canada has crews busy searching for a few remaining victims. The landslide started when a creek burst and happened … Continue reading →

Philippine Coastguard purchases rescue equipment

The Philippine coastguard is becoming more search and rescue oriented in the Luzon province. The need for other agencies' help to perform rescue … Continue reading →

60 year old rescued in Colorado by Search and Rescue Team

A 60 year old was rescued in Colorado by a Search and Rescue Team. Janeen Ledford and a colleague slid down a snowfield about 200 ft into rocks where … Continue reading →

Search and Rescue Team Trains in High Angle Rescue

This week, members of the Chattanooga Fire Department’s Urban Search and Rescue Team will participate in training that will sharpen their high … Continue reading →

PPE Named Greatest Priority at NFPA Workshop

NFPA's EV workshop last May cited Firefighter PPE as the greatest priority according to the NFPA July newsletter. Participants in the workshop … Continue reading →

Clark County Uses Horses with Search and Rescue Team

An emergency search-and-rescue team in Clark County, Washington uses horses instead of dogs. The Dauntless Equine Response Team is one of only … Continue reading →

Germans Provide Search and Rescue Kits for Bhutan Schools

German Federal Foreign Office in conjunction with DG-ECHO have purchased 41 search and rescue kits for four different schools in Bhutan. The rescue … Continue reading →

Efforts of Montrose Search and Rescue Reconized by House of Representatives

Recently the Montrose Search and rescue team rescued an unconscious baby girl at the Big Tujunga River, as well as, have succeeded in many other … Continue reading →

Search and Rescue Team Also Provides Closure for Grieving Families

Newton Underwater Search and Rescue (NUSR) is made up of a group of volunteers who search the shallow waters of Pierrepont Pond for missing … Continue reading →

Micah Had True Friends

Micah True of Boulder, Colorado loved running so much he earned the nickname Caballo Blanco, of White Horse. On that terrible May morning, Caballo … Continue reading →

Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Rescues Teen

A teenaged hiker from Burien (near Seattle, Washington) was rescued from a ledge last Sunday at Wallace Falls after being caught in strong … Continue reading →

Chinese PLA Helicopters Provide Disaster Relief

This article is about how five helicopters from the Chinese People's Liberation Army participate in tasks such as dropping materials for people during … Continue reading →

SAR Dog Lifting Strops Enterpreneur Wins Award

The 2012 winner of the Rural Women New Zealand (RWNZ) Enterprising Rural Women Award is Rose Voice, an entrepreneur who exports products for dog … Continue reading →

Video Captures Rescue of Teen

A young Seattle 13 year old boy is lucky to be alive today as he recalls his close brush with death. The boy had been hiking with parents when he … Continue reading →

Boy Saved From Wallace Falls Near Disaster

A hike turned into a rescue mission for a teenager wading in a river. He slipped and fell and swift currents were leading him to Wallace Falls in … Continue reading →

Teens Hurt When Fleeing Party In Woods

In the woods near Bend, Oregon, a teenage party was broken up by the police, with unexpected results. As the party goers learned of the new law … Continue reading →

Search and Rescue on Pinterest

Pinterest has a conglomeration of images that hyperlink to other sites dealing with Search and Rescue (SAR.) These items are considered to be a … Continue reading →

Some Question Pinal Sheriff’s Office’s Use of Non-Police Items

The Pinal County Sheriff's office has some questioning their use of non-police items. Anything donated to the department can be used by the force in … Continue reading →

Training Mission for SAR Volunteers

It’s the night of a training mission for search at rescue volunteers at Willamette National Forest. For many, it’s the first time these … Continue reading →

Principal Secretary Requests Updated Disaster Management Plan

District collectors have been asked to send an updated disaster management plan to the Principal Secretary before May 30th, ahead of the monsoon … Continue reading →

Santa Barbara County Search and Rescue Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Santa Barbara County Search and Rescue celebrates its 50th anniversary this weekend. The 40-person team responds to about 150 calls a … Continue reading →

Great Salmon Fishing on Lake Michigan

Great salmon fishing is the word on Lake Michigan. Trout fishing seems good. Alewives seem to be near shore and up to five miles out. They appear to … Continue reading →

Sunken Boat Spotted on Sea Bed of English Channel

It is feared that three fishermen may have drowned. Their boat vanished in the English Channel and has not been found. Experts believe the boat may … Continue reading →

Florida Fire Team Gets Water Rescue Training

A Florida volunteer fire department is going to get water rescue training and is getting ready for the summer. The training that they will be getting … Continue reading →

Skier Survives 160′ Plunge Two Hours From SAR Team

On the weekend of the 12th, a Seattle resident named Nikolai Popov miraculously survived a 160 foot fall when a small crack in the icy surface of … Continue reading →

Colchester Ground Search and Rescue To Raise $40,000

A Canadian outdoor rescue services organization, Colchester Ground Search and Rescue, is using the Internet to raise funds for a new search truck. … Continue reading →

Risk Assessment Underway for Grand Island

The fire department in Grand Island, NE is undergoing a citywide fire risk assessment. The fire department will use the plan to identify potential … Continue reading →

“Gearheads” Love To Hike

Kristin Hostetter says in her latest book that there are two types of hikers: people who love gear, “Gearheads” as they might be called, … Continue reading →

Kirk Family Donates To Red Rock Rescue

Last March, Ron Kirk’s body was found in Red Rock Canyon. Kirk had disappeared in late January, and his remains might ever have been found … Continue reading →

Canadian Outdoors Group Wants To Mandate Life Jackets

The executive director of the Nova Scotia Federation of Anglers and Hunters is trying to make it mandatory for people to wear a life jacket or … Continue reading →

Police Still Hoping To Find Missing Person

Local police in West Chester, PA, along with the FBI, were still searching for Brandon Eckert Friday. It was the fourth day of searching for Eckert, … Continue reading →

Deschutes Search & Rescue Foundation Benefit Held

On May 12th, a charitable sale of donated and consigned summer clothes that benefitted Deschutes Search & Rescue Foundation was held in Bend, … Continue reading →

Fish and Game Rescuer Wants To Bill “Negligent” Hiker

Nine people from the Fish and Game department in Mass. had to rescue a hiker who was ill prepared for any type of outdoor activity. Because the hiker … Continue reading →

Mountain Rescue England and Wales Raises 15,000 with Lightweight Gear Sales

Montane, a Cumbria-based company specializing in lightweight mountain gear, has donated 15,000 pounds to Mountain Rescue England and Wales. MREW is a … Continue reading →

Tonto Rim SAR EMT Carries Girl With Bad Ankle

A group of 29 students from Pine-Strawberry were hiking on Donahue Trail when one 11 year-old girl twisted her ankle. Teacher Margaret Bullard just … Continue reading →

Searchers Hope To Find Plane

The weather in Northumberland County has been lifting, leading search officials to be more hopeful about finding the plane that was lost on May 7th. … Continue reading →

Search Underway For Small Plane In Quebec

A small plane departing from Quebec failed to reach its destination on May 7th and a search is underway for it. The plane is believed to have crashed … Continue reading →

12 of 45 bodies recovered from Sukhoi Superjet-100

In Indonesia a jetliner on a demonstration flight for potential buyers crashed on Wednesday into a dormant volcano. Police, soldiers and volunteers … Continue reading →

On eve of walk, see how rescue team have changed

The Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team has seen a number of changes in their last 30 years. Originally, the volunteer rescue team, when receiving a … Continue reading →

Busy Season Ahead for Search and Rescue Pilots

When the weather heats up, so does the work load for the Utah Department of Public Safety search team. Campers and hikers get lost or hurt far away … Continue reading →

Guard Gets Hands-On Experience at Glatfelter

Over 40 local first-responders and 200 National Guardsmen got some hands-on experience Saturday when a steam line reportedly ruptured at Glatfelter. … Continue reading →

Markham Flight Missing and Believed Crashed

A missing plane is believed to have crashed near Hastings, and a local CH-416 Griffon helicopter and a Hercules aircraft have joined others in the … Continue reading →

Boating Accident Leads To One Death, One Rescue

In Hancock County, Mississippi, search and rescue efforts turned up the body of 53-year old Ernest Johnson in the evening of May 6th. Johnson had been … Continue reading →

Rescuers Find Sukhoi SuperJet Wreckage

The wreckage of a Russian plane carrying 50 passengers that disappeared during a promotional demonstration flight was found in Indonesia today. While … Continue reading →

LASEMA Acquires N25 Million in SAR Equipment

Nigeria's Lagos State Emergency Management Agency has acquired N25 million worth of equipment used in saving lives from motor vehicle accidents, … Continue reading →

Weber County Search-and-Rescue Teams Profiled

This article is about search and rescue teams in Weber County. Weber County has a lot of different types of landscapes with some being rivers, … Continue reading →

Prince George County Leaders Wear Firefighter Gear

Two County Executive Leaders donned their work attire for firefighter gear for a day. Friday's event sponsored by the International Association of … Continue reading →

Breathing Equipment Test Leads To Death

The death is a mystery. An assistant fire officer drowned in a river during testing of new breathing equipment. Everything was supposed to be in … Continue reading →

Dog Alerts Rescuers, Who Save Man on Earnse Bay

A man who was stranded in the water north of Earnse Bay can thank the rescue crew that saved him and his dog. His dog played a major part, because the … Continue reading →